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Katherine A. DeSilva, with mobility device
Katherine DeSilva
Author & Illustrator
Sarah Phanuef - Editor
Sarah Palmer
Editor Extraordinaire 
Corey Mitchell - Story Creator and Essayist
Corey Mitchell
Founder of the CMMSFOUNDATION.
Dancing Together: Dads Get MS, too

Dancing Together: Dads Get MS, too

An uplifting story about a father with Multiple Sclerosis and how his family makes adjustments and live a happy and fulfilled life. 

Dancing Together
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Children's Books by Katherine DeSilva

Katherine is excited to be collaborating with fellow MS Warrior, Corey Mitchell on a follow up to Flutter on My Cheeks. Their collaboration will feature an illustrated story book for young people with an afterword by Corey.  

This  uplifting story will opens the door for constructive discussion with children about the different ways chronic illness impacts families..

We hope it can be used as a way to begin difficult conversations about the changes that can come from a sudden, long term illness. 

Katherine DeSilva